SP&Co Academy is a centre of education and human optimisation, training and instilling philosophies that underpin our whole group. We also promote the development of the best coaches, practitioners and wellness leaders. The Academy offers a range of on-going education online and on-site courses as well as philanthropic side through the SP&Co research institute – analysing the role of physical activity in health. The Institute engages with specific research projects involving the effect of targeted physical activity and wellness strategies in special populations e.g. cancer/child, obesity/emotional illness. The institute underlines the SP&Co Group mission to be at the forefront of progressive and results driven health and fitness – enhancing long term health and creating the ultimate hybrid between the medical and fitness industry.

Wellness Director Mentorship

A culmination of SP&Co’s experiences and methodologies – a Wellness Director Mentorship contains the education, evaluation and system needed to lead a multi-disciplinary approach to client care. The mentorship will teach you the tools needed to successfully oversee effective programming under the guidance of industry leaders in performance training, nutrition, communication and health behavioural science, traditional medical systems and much more.

Wellness Director level One – A 3 day course introducing the 8 concepts of wellness and in depth look at the multi disciplinary practices that influence each.

Wellness Director Level Two – A 3 day course building on level one but including latest health technologies and monitoring systems plus traditional testing to help evaluate and oversee a successful wellness performance programme.

Wellness Director Level Three – A 3 day course building bringing both level one and level two together. Evaluating and presenting real case studies, including making key decisions that influence performance and well-being.

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Wellness Performance workshop

A series of events throughout the year focusing on a diverse range of areas within wellness that influence human health and performance.

Leading guests speakers from the world of lifestyle medicine, health behaviour, nutrition and fitness share their latest exeprinecs and evidence based approaches to enlighten guests from the cutting edge of human health.

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Business of Wellness Industry Summit

One-day conference for luxury business and creative minds focusing on leadership and the changing nature of the wellness industry. Globally renowned talent and captains of wellness debate the changing landscape and past present and future trends.

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